Sons Of Anarchy: Some Business Lessons

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As you all know, the Sons of Anarchy series started some years back and the finale season is already done with. While most fans of the series might have forgotten about the fact that they watched that series especially because of other current series, some would forever remember the series because of what they have learned that is applicable to business.

The first thing learned from the Sons of Anarchy seasons is the fact that good communication is essential for good business. No matter how cool it might appear to be silent and reserved for whatever reason, there is a need to communicate with other people if you will not be seen as a lousy colleague or boss. For the leadership of a team to make an informed decision, they will need the input of their team members. So, one has to always speak out and let management know what could be harmful or beneficial to an organization.
Another business-related reason for the Sons of Anarchy box office is because it teaches one not to jump into conclusion. Unlike this series where mistakes in decision resulted in beatings and even death; in business, it will result in revenue loss and other negative consequences on your brand. It is, therefore, advised that one has to be careful of the way one takes decision hastily. Although you might not always have the information necessary before taking a decision, it is important you try to put in all you can to ensure you are taking that decision from as much information as available.
In the series also, you will learn that there is a need to equip your team with the resources needed to accomplish a goal. There were a lot of occasions where people went on to fight without even equipping themselves with what is needed to win the battle. As a business man, it is required that you should provide the necessary training and resources you can for your team even though you might not have the best team for the job.